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There are so many opinions about the facts surrounding the October 7th attack on Israel by Hamas that the truth is getting lost, this is due to the propaganda and rhetoric created by Hamas, which is also why so many have turned from supporting Israel and hate Jews with a Satanic hatred that is a creation of Satan and fueled by this Demonic hatred spewed by Iran and it’s terrorist proxies, meaning Iran sits in safety and luxury giving orders while terrorist organizations do their dirty work, and like the Romans are very successful in their brutality with the outcome in most cases being a horrific death. On October 7th 2023 Israel was celebrating a holiday, singing, dancing, teens attended a concert also in celebration. Before the attack all was peaceful in fact Israel and the Palestinians were under a peace agreement, or though it would seem. Oct 7th Hamas broke this agreement by launching a barrage of missiles at Israel; this didn’t even scratch the surface of their atrocities. Strong delusion has fallen upon them who believe the lies of these terrorists, who’s inhumane practice and ideology is made clear in their charter, but most of the world is blinded to the truth, even if they read the charter, they never see what they themselves have become. It is now day 154 of the war against Hamas, and Hamas has sustained heavy losses, but these losses were not sustained before Israeli’s were brutally slaughtered while celebrating a holiday, many young people killed while attending a festival.

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